3Shape Trios Scanner® 

The 3Shape TRIOS Scanner is the most advanced award-winning dental impression technique. Using modern technology, the state-of-the-art TRIOS 3Shape® scanner provides Dr. Khalil, Dr. Lin, or Dr. Vu an alternate method to taking impressions of your teeth for dental implants making it a faster, easier, more efficient, and comfortable experience for you than traditional impressions.

With the TRIOS scanner, we are able to scan your teeth and email the “impression” to our lab digitally.

Some benefits include:

  • Scans are immediately sent to labs to begin the fabrication process
  • Elimination of traditional, messy impressions
  • High-quality digital impressions improve diagnostics and communication
  • The quick scan reduces visits and chair time
  • Gives one of the most accurate and consistent performance of the leading intraoral scanners in the dental market
For more information about 3-Shape Trios Scanner or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Khalil, call our East Bay Albany oral surgery office at Albany Oral Surgery Office Phone Number (510) 526-8000 or use our online Appointment Request form.