The Bridgeway oral surgery approach to dental implants

Our practice offers you a unique experience with dental implants

As one of the premier dental implant practices in the Bay Area, Bridgeway Oral Surgery has a long lasting tradition of providing dental implant patients with high-quality care in a friendly, caring, and healing environment. 

Experienced Dental Implant Surgeon


 Dr. Doucet has extensive experience performing surgical dental implant procedures, including advanced techniques for bone grafting and complex dental implant reconstruction.  Dr. Doucet is recognized in our community for his expertise in this highly technical field.

dedicated dental implant treatment coordinator


Dedicated Implant Coordinator help facilitate a seamless treatment sequence for you and are the ambassador of the team approach.  They serve as a liaison between you, Dr. Doucet, your general dentist, and/or other specialists.  

Advanced Technology

Bridgeway Oral Surgery features the latest in innovative technology, including digital radiography.  To support a higher level of patient care, we utilize 3D Cone Beam (CT Scan) imaging that provides three-dimensional and cross-sectional views.  This technology allows Dr. Doucet to see all aspects of the anatomy that cannot be adequately viewed with conventional dental x-rays and helps in providing more accurate treatment plans.

Dr. Doucet specifically utilizes the CT Scan to pre-plan your implant surgery.  He performs a virtual implant surgery on your scan and consults with your general dentist during this pre-planning stage.  

Besides the use of the CT Scan, Dr. Doucet performs all his dental implant surgeries with the use of a drill guide.  A drill guide is a device made by our dental lab to ensure that your implant will be placed precisely how Dr. Doucet and your general dentist prescribed. Performing dental implant surgeries guided will eliminate inaccuracies and aid in the success of your implant.