The CDT and CPT Code books define a Specialist Examination as an office consultation for a new and/or existing patient with a practitioner whose opinion or advice regarding evaluation and/or management of a specific problem and often requested by another practitioner. The consultation requires 3 key components: a comprehensive medical and dental history; a comprehensive examination; and medical and/or dental decision making.

Comprehensive Medical and Dental History – We will ask you to disclose your complete past and present medical history by filling out our comprehensive health history form. Prior to seeing you, Dr. Doucet will review your medical history in order to treat you and your specific problem in a safe manner.
Review of Medication – Dr. Doucet will review your list of medications that you are currently taking in order to safely treat you.
Blood Pressure – Every time you come into our office we will take your blood pressure. This will give us a base line on you and/or help us to safely care for you.

Comprehensive Examination – This is different than your routine or periodic oral exam given by your general dentist. A comprehensive exam lays the foundation for the routine exam. The mouth is a window into the body. Many medical conditions may be discovered by a comprehensive examination before symptoms show up elsewhere in the body.

Comprehensive Oral Evaluation – In order for Dr. Doucet to make a medical and/or dental decision he will perform a comprehensive oral exam. Dr. Doucet will examine the following:
Temporomandibular or TM Joints – Dr. Doucet will examine the TM Joints to any pathology.
Soft Tissue – The soft tissue consists of the gum tissue or gingiva, cheek, and tongue. Dr. Doucet is looking for possible cancer or other pathology. Dr. Doucet also performs an extra oral soft tissue exam of the head and neck where he is also checking for pathology.
Hard Tissue – The hard tissue consists of the bone and the teeth.
Review your x-rays – During the radiographic exam Dr. Doucet will review your x-ray. This aides him in determining a diagnosis.
Listen to your heart and lungs – Dr. Doucet will be able to hear if you have any heart or respiratory conditions that would limit certain anesthesia.

Face-to-Face – After Dr. Doucet has preformed the comprehensive examination and oral evaluation, he will sit down with you and discuss your specific problem and your treatment options. You are encouraged to be part of your care and we welcome your questions and concerns.
Medical and/or Dental Decision Making – Based on the findings of the comprehensive examination and oral evaluation, Dr. Doucet will create a treatment plan.
Counseling and/or Coordination of Care – Dr. Doucet will discuss with your general dentist, referring doctor’s office and/or primary care physician your case and your treatment. Dr. Doucet takes great care and attention to communicate your care needs with your providers.