Each tooth has a specific job!

Job of each teeth.

Each tooth has a job to do. Don’t let your teeth do the job of another tooth.

Numbers and names of teeth

The numbers and names of all your teeth


There are four different types of teeth in the mouth.

  • Incisors: These teeth are in the front of the mouth.  They have a sharp biting surface and are sued for cutting food into small chewable pieces.  Both children and adults have a total of 8 incisors.
  • Canines: These teeth are at the corners of the dental arches.  They have a sharp, pointed biting surface.  Their purpose is to grip and tear food.  Both children and adults have a total of 4 canine teeth.
  • Premolars: These teeth have a flat biting surface.  Their function is to tear and crush food.   All 8 premolars are unique to the adult or permanent dentition.
  • Molars: These are the largest teeth in the mouth.  They have a flat biting surface.  They are designed to chew, crush, and grind food.  The wisdom teeth are the third set of molars.  Molars help give support to the facial structures and people missing all their molars have a sunken in or older appearance.  Children have a total of 8 molars and adults have a total of 12 molars, which include the wisdom teeth.