Safety is our #1 Priority

Check out our new video on how Dr. Doucet and the Bridgeway Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery team treats patient safety:

Safety is our #1 priority—they’re not just words, we at Dr. Michael Doucet’s oral surgery practice put those words to action.  Don’t get us wrong, awesome customer service, extensive experience and utilizing the latest technology are all important parts of running a business, and all of which are things we pride ourselves in.  But in our unique line of work, all business and clinical decisions must be filtered first through the question: “How will this impact patient safety?”

So if Bridgeway Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery’s entire operational strategy were to be summed up in a simple equation, it would look something like this:

PATIENT SAFETY>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>everything else


Ensuring patient safety takes continual vigilance.  We’re constantly running emergency drills in our own facility with our own equipment and our own surgical team (“That’s right, team.  Break out the crash cart and step lively.  We’re running a code, again.  Go! Go!”) because it is crucial that everyone knows their role in an emergency and can perform it to a T without giving it a second thought.

Our training is top notch and always up to date.  In addition to completing dental school and going through 3 years of ABOMS-approved postgraduate training in surgery, Dr. Doucet has 30 years of experience practicing oral surgery in the San Francisco East Bay.  Dr. Doucet is PALS and ACLS certified.  In fact, our surgical support team members are ACLS certified, which goes beyond the industry standard.  For procedures where patients are under general anesthesia, a separate, specially-trained dental anesthesiologist is there to manage the patient’s airway, monitor vital signs and administer anesthesia while Dr. Doucet focuses on performing the surgery.

Dr. Michael Doucet and our team at Bridgeway Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery go to great lengths to embody the phrase, “Safety is our #1 priority,” because nothing else concerns us more.