Why we chose a garden over a speed bump

Notice anything different about our office? The outdoor lights and holiday decorations, that’s one thing. The new landscape and fencing, that’s another. How about that strange garden in the middle of our parking lot? You guessed it.

So why did we do it? One reason was to keep with our #1 priority: patient safety and comfort.

Imagine you’ve just gotten out of surgery to have your wisdom teeth extracted under general anesthesia. You’re groggy because of the anesthesia, you’re hungry because you’ve been fasting for over 8 hours, and your mouth is numb. After being cared for in the recovery room, your surgical assistant takes off your monitors, guides you into a wheelchair, and takes you out into the private parking lot of Bridgeway Oral and Maxillofacial at 419 San Pablo Avenue in Albany to meet your family member who is waiting to drive you home and take care of you. While you’re being wheeled out in this vulnerable state, a car comes speeding through the parking lot from San Pablo Avenue to reach Kains Avenue on the other side in attempt to bypass San Pablo traffic and reach the El Cerrito Plaza, nearly driving into you and your surgical assistant. Doesn’t sound to pleasant, does it? That’s why we took action.

What would you rather look at, asphalt, or tall, wavy grasses and bright-colored flowers? We think our community wants more green and less pavement. That’s why we chose to plop down some planter boxes to block the thoroughfare rather than put up a speed bump which would only slow down the traffic flow through the patient parking lot.

We realize that blocking the access through our patient parking lot will be an inconvenience to some community members. We appreciate your understanding and care for your fellow community members being seen at our office.